These Release Notes describe the following topics for the 7.5.3 release:

Download a PDF version of the Release Notes and a PDF version of the System Requirements.

New in this Release

Support for iOS 7.0

With our 7.5.3 Maintenance Release, Verivo has optimized and fully certified the iOS client to run on iOS 7.0. Verivo apps are now built using Xcode 5 and leverage the iOS 7.0 UI design. 7.5.3 Migration Guide lists the UI updates for iOS 7.0.

Documentation updates

There are no documentation updates with this release.

Product requirements

The following system and platform requirements apply to this release:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.x or higher
  • BlackBerry 5.x, 6.x, 7.0 and 7.1 with SD or eMMC card. For an SD card, you need a minimum capacity of 1 GB with a minimum of 10 MB free.
  • iOS 5.x - 7.0
  • Android 2.2 – 4.2

This release supports Good Dynamics version 1.0.2880.

For full information about product requirements, see Installing the Platform.

Resolved issues with iOS 7.0

Resolved issues in the 7.5.3 release are listed below. For more information, contact Verivo Support at External Link. Information about issues previously resolved can be found in the Release Notes for earlier versions.


Issue #Summary
VS-48334Quick Find text field is sliding off the screen when in focus.
VS-48347Storing contact using Cordova JavaScript API causes native Phonebook app to crash when viewing the contact.
VS-48354Map zooms to a level with both current location and searched addresses visible in the far corners.
VS-48361Sometimes popover height is different with series of empty spaces.
VS-48362Text not wrapping correctly.

Popover screen's arrow is not pointing to the correct record.

Popover screen's arrow is deprecated in iOS 7.0.

VS-48369Uploaded image is not displaying in the form screen.
VS-48373Last item in a list cannot be seen by scrolling through association control's list in a popover.
VS-48375In a list screen holding a great deal of textual data, text is not displaying properly and overlapping over other records.
VS-48381Find window scrolls up when the keyboard is brought into focus.
VS-48434Last item of choice list selection cannot be selected.

Known issues in iOS 7.0

Outstanding issues are listed below. For more information, contact Verivo Support at External Link. Information about issues previously known can be found in the Release Notes for earlier versions.


Issue #Summary

Updated iOS 7.0 app icons are not supported.

Workaround: Continue to use iOS 6 app icons.


Long GNB text overlaps.

Workaround: Truncate the text to fit the GNB.

VS-48358Page controller in a form screen gets cut and page can be dragged diagonally to move to the next record.

Failed authentication with a Good Dynamics-enabled app.

Workaround: Re-provision the app on the Good Mobile Control.

VS-48399Navigation back button text does not always display in landscape mode.

Long DefaultListData title overlaps with long screen title.

Workaround: Truncate the DefaultListData title or the screen title.


Fewer number of characters fits in a list screen or a form screen.

iOS 7.0 has updated the default font style.

VS-48409Auto suggest popup do not align properly.

Sometimes newly added row is hidden in the ListBuilder.

Workaround: Add another row and both the rows will be visible.

VS-48416One pixel of the cancel button is visible for quick find and global search bar.
VS-48421Status bar and background image overlaps on the login screen.

Global search control overlaps with the title button.

Workaround: Rotate the device.

VS-48435Data sync prompt is cut off from the bottom.

Screen style set to transparent shows as black.

Workaround: Set the screen style to white (or) request a new build with status bar set to white.


Funny animation, which auto-corrects, while cancelling the global search.


Long screen title may overlap with the title bar or the navigation bar buttons.

Workaround: Shorten the screen title.


Extra line is shown if a separator is placed after a screen-host.

Workaround: Use the below onLoad() script in LUA. Replace "sep" with the name of the separator.

VS-48457Hint text is not centrally aligned.
VS-48465Sometimes splash screen activity is incorrectly positioned.

Empty space appears above the button control after tapping.

Workaround: Use pixel value to define the button heightll.


Popover did not expand fully for the very top record in a list within a screenhost.

Workaround: Place the screenhost not at the very top of the screen.

VS-48470Small empty strip appears when performing a click-handling action within a list in a screenhost.
VS-48477Left padding is added in a multi-line text control when it grows during editing.
VS-48481Sometimes the screen title is left aligned when navigating from a screen with a long title.
VS-48484Map zooms too deep for a single pin search.
VS-48485Multi-line text control adds an extra line between the first and the second line.
VS-48488Surrounding borders around title button one and title button two.
VS-48492Click to SMS does not follow the default iOS 7 navigation bar style.

Expected platform change with iOS 7.0

On expectation from iOS 7.0 after upgrading to 7.5.3, refer to the 7.5.3 Migration Guide.

Upgrading to Version 7.5.3

The following table highlights components that must be upgraded in order to support new features in this release.

Upgrade?Required Version










Android client



BlackBerry client



iOS clientYes7.5.3

Upgrade procedure from Version 7.5.2

The section Upgrading the Platform describes the steps required to upgrade a previous installation of Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform Version 7.5.2 to Version 7.5.3. 

For more help

Verivo documentation and Verivo Support knowledge base (login required) contains much of the information you need for your app development.

You can also obtain help by submitting a technical support incident at, or sending an email to Verivo's Support Group will promptly respond to your support request.

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