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This section describes how to install the Verivo Software's AppStudio. Upgrading users must reinstall AppStudio by following the same steps as first-time installers.


You must have administration privileges for the machine where you install AppStudio.

In addition, before you can install AppStudio, you must download and expand the Verivo platform ZIP file from the download page.

Install AppStudio

To install AppStudio:

  1. Extract the file from the Verivo platform ZIP file. The file is in the App Studio directory:

  2. Extract the contents of the file to the machine where you are installing the AppStudio. 
  3. Run the installer:


  4. Follow the steps in the Application Studio Setup Wizard.

The AppStudio installation program configures settings and installs all AppStudio files.

Log in to AppStudio

After you install AppStudio, you can log in for the first time. For more information, see Logging in to AppStudio.

Remember, your login name and password for AppStudio must match the login name and password of a Microsoft SQL Server user with owner permissions on the configuration database. For more information on setting up the configuration database, see Installing the Configuration Database.

To log in to AppStudio:

  1. Start AppStudio. The AppStudio login screen appears:

  2. Enter the following information:
    • Connection Nickname: A user-defined name that lets you save login information.
    • Always connect using these settings: Leave unchecked for now.
    • Server Name: The name of the server hosting the Microsoft SQL Server that contains the configuration database. This value depends on how SQL Server is configured. For example, it could be just the machine name hosting SQL Server, such as localhost or Or, you might have to include the full server instance name, such as localhost\SQLEXPRESS.
    • Integrated Security: If unchecked, the Login Name and Password fields correspond to a username and password for the Microsoft SQL Server hosting the configuration database. If checked, the Login Name and Password fields are disabled and AppStudio uses the Windows Credentials of the AppStudio user to connect to the configuration database. 
    • Login Name: The user name on the Microsoft SQL Server that hosts the configuration database.
    • Password: The password on the Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Database: Select the Verivo configuration database for the selected Microsoft SQL Server.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. A pop-up window might appear asking if you would like to create an administrator with full access rights for the login name. An administrator user can create apps and create other users.

  5. Click Yes.

  6. If you do not connect, check the following:
    • You entered the server name precisely.
    • You entered the database name precisely.
    • You entered your user name and password to the Verivo database precisely.
    • The configuration database is running.
    • You have permissions to access to the Verivo database. You can verify your access privileges by logging in to the Verivo database via your database provider.

Add a license key

With no license key, you can create an app in AppStudio, but you cannot run the app on a simulator or device.

To add a license key:

  1. Obtain a license key from Verivo.
  2. Start AppStudio
  3. Select the Licensing icon in the AppStudio toolbar. The Licensing Manager appears.
  4. Select the Modules tab in the Licensing Manager.
  5. Typically, you set the license in the Custom Application Mobile User row. Click the plus (plus) sign next to the Custom Application Mobile User row to expand it.
  6. Paste your license key into the License Key column.

  7. Click the Reload button at the bottom of the screen. The Max Users and End Date columns update from information in the license.

You can now deploy apps to a simulator or device.



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